How we saved an unsavable e-commerce store

A client for whom we had previously created an e-commerce website came to us with an issue regarding another e-shop he had built himself some time ago. Gradually, he began to notice that some functions were ceasing to work, as the entire website was running on more than 60 plugins, half of which were not updated. It was crucial to preserve the content, as the website hosted more than 140,000 products. We immediately took on this challenge with determination and began a thorough overhaul from the ground up.

1. Cleanup of plugins and functions

The first main step before the actual creative part was to ensure the functionality of the entire solution. The client must always have the assurance that they can rely on our solution, especially in the case of an e-commerce site. We took over the entire original database, created our own theme, and began to gradually replace plugins with our own functions. We eliminated unnecessary items and functions, replacing them with our own solutions and custom code.

Stav pred updatom webového riešenia

2. Redesigning the website’s visual appearance

After ensuring functionality, we focused on the visual aspect of the website. We designed it with a creative approach to embody dynamism and emotion while simultaneously providing visitors with easy access to what they need in just a few clicks.

Visual before

Visual after our intervention

3. No monthly fees

Thanks to our custom solution and special theme, we have gained complete control over the entire e-commerce site. Everything important now operates using our own code, leaving only those plugins where it did not make sense to program from scratch or those that were an integral part of special features. We retained these plugins but reworked their codes so they could be easily replaced, modified, or updated without causing unnecessary malfunctioning of the site. The website now updates automatically, does not require paid plugins, thereby saving the client tens to hundreds of dollars in monthly costs.

What They Said About Us

Bezva! Michal sa do každého projektu ponorí, navrhuje vylepšenia, jednoduchšie spôsoby, ako niečo urobiť, ako web napojiť ďalej, spropagovať a pod. Mňa aj osobne dohováral nastavenia s hostingom. Odporúčam!

Pavel Hacker

Môžem len odporučiť. Skvelá práca super dohovor na všetkom a dokáže poradiť z mnohými vecami. Nechal som mu voľnú ruku ohľadom designu webu a neľutujem to. Web na jedničku návrhy na vizitky tričká všetko ostatne okolo. Ide vidieť zo ho to baví a je zodpovedný

Profesionálny a ľudský prístup. Ochota poradiť a pomôcť klientovi je tu na prvom mieste. Odporúčam ďalej👍

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